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Winter Erosion Control With EarthGuard Edge

Joy Westby - Friday, January 08, 2016

Use EarthGuard® Edge™ And Be Prepared When The Rain Storms Come.

Winter presents some unique challenges. You may be faced with potential heavy rains, drought or fire-denuded landscape in the west. Or protecting soils excavated during the winter in the Midwest and East Coast. Either way, you still need to be prepared for those potentially damaging rains, when they come.

Here’s a smart way to be prepared. Use our dry, pelletized erosion control product - EarthGuard Edge. Spread it in Winter. By hand, by air or by machine. And enjoy the benefits of this unique and effective erosion control product.

No Water? Frozen Soils? No Problem.

EarthGuard Edge pellets offer remarkably versatility. This is the dry, pelletized version of the highly rated EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™-- the world’s leading HECP (hydraulically applied erosion control product.) This unique application presents a major advantage over the use of blankets, which require strenuous installation and pin hammering into the frozen ground. And unlike hay mulch, the application of Edge is quicker, more effective and does not result in an untidy site.

Because of it’s pelletized form, you can spread this industry leading erosion control product in virutually any situation. Snowy fields, deserts, mountain sides, industrial work sites. And unlike it’s hydraulically applied cousins, it does not need a water truck and sprayer to apply.

Once water comes in contact with the pellets, the erosion control power is released. Providing your site with the industry leading performance power found in Terra Novo’s EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™.

To Read About National Testing and Rating of Major Erosion Control Products: Click here for the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials) National Testing Results.

Contact Andy Iturriria of Terra Novo, to find out more about how EarthGuard Edge can help you use the Winter months to proactively prepare for Springtime erosion control. Saving you money, aggravation and most importantly, time.

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