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New California Industrial Stormwater Permit and El Niño Storms

Joy Westby - Sunday, September 13, 2015

New California Industrial Stormwater Permit and El Niño Storms

We all know that El Niño is coming to California. That means bigger, more frequent storms throughout the West. So we’ve all got to ramp up our game when it comes to erosion control. If you’re not specifying EarthGuard® products now, you really need to switch over. Get the best to deal with the worst.

The 1-2 Punch. El Niño and the SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan)

This is the “perfect storm” that affects thousands of industrial sites throughout California. This new legislation supports the Federal Regulations of the Clean Water Act, and will be actively enforced by the State Water Board and Regional Water Quality Boards. All industrials sites that have exposed soil will need to install erosion and sediment control BMPs. Daunting? Yes. But there’s an easy way to comply with fast and effective EarthGuard products from Terra Novo.

Contact Andy Iturriria of Terra Novo, to find out more about how Terra Novo products can help you meet the BMP (Best Management Practices) for erosion and sediment control on industrial sites with exposed soil.

661-747-5956 • Andy@terranovo.com

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  • Act Now And Avoid The Pain

    Industrial storm water discharges will be at an all-time high. By acting quickly and specifying your plan to include our products, violations can be avoided. Regulators and environmental groups will be monitoring for compliance.

    Use The Best To Deal With The Worst

    Use the best products because those cheaper substitutes will just not hold up to the El Niño rain storms. Need proof? See AASHTO’s most recent rating of the top soil erosion control products. Use products like EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix for one application and avoid multiple redo’s and failures that result when using less effective products.

    Click Here For AASHTO (American Association of State Highway

    Transportation Officials) National Testing Results:

    http://terranovo.com/terra-novo-blog/earth guard-scores-big-in-national-soil-erosion-testing

    Use These Terra Novo Products During Rain Storms to Mitigate Sediment Pollution in Stormwater Run Off:

    Temporary Erosion Control: EarthGuard REAP: Rain Event Action Plan

    Can be applied even during a rain event with an onsite truck or spray rig. Provides immediate erosion control.

    Real Time Sediment Control Of Storm Water: EarthBound Floccin

    Available in snakes or bags. Removes contaminants from storm water.

    Long Term Erosion Control: EarthGuard Fiber Matrix

    Achieved one of the highest ratings EVER in recent AASHTO testing. The best of the best.

    Waterless Erosion Control: EarthGuard Edge Pellet form for quick applications

    Apply mechanically or by hand - activated by rain or moisture.

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