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How To Speed Up Pipeline Reclamation and Re-vegetation – Now!

Joy Westby - Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Satisfy Your Need For Speed With Faster Soil Reclamation and Re-vegetation. Powered by EarthGuard® from Terra Novo.

The prolonged winter has caused construction delays for many pipeline construction companies. You’re committed to meeting certain dates, but you’re weeks behind. What can you do?

Shave weeks off your schedule with faster soil re-vegetation and industry leading erosion control performance.

If you’re using old technology like erosion control matting, you’re using a product that is ineffective, costly to apply, doesn’t really promote fast re-vegetation and is painfully slow to install.

Try EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix from Terra Novo – the top-rated hydraulically-applied erosion control product (HECP) that sprays on fast and works even faster to promote site re-vegetation/restoration on your pipeline project. 

Check out the latest testing that ranks EarthGuard Fiber Matrix as one of the fastest, most effective erosion control products on the market today. Click here to see the results. 

Every day you delay calling use is another lost opportunity to speed up your construction schedule

Case Study: Lackawanna Line - Williams Companies

Installer – Penn Line Service

“Even after heavy rains, we can always trust EarthGuard to do its job”

Jim Pratt, Penn Line Service

Why was EarthGuard chosen?

  1. Less material per acre – save install time and costs
  2. Less water per acre – save on water transportation
  3. Less labor per acre – save on labor costs
  4. Excellent results – better erosion control and faster growth means you’re saving time
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